Uttar Pradesh Government Kicked Off The Jewar Airport Project By Releasing 1st Payment For Land Purchase

On Saturday, UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that the International airport project will be ready in the three years. The Uttar Pradesh government has to release the first payment for land acquisition to the airport project. Most of the landowners are accepted to provide their land to the airport project. So the government is going to being the airport project.

The UP government will construct the Jewar international airport in the coming years. Yogi Adityanath told that they build the Greenfield airport in Kushinagar. The Government has appointed the YEIDA as the agency for the international airport in Jewar. The UP Government is releasing rupees 250 crores to start the process of land purchase for the airport project.

Yogi Adityanath released 10% of the land purchase cost:

Jewar airport is the second international airport in the region of NCR. This airport project is establishing seeks to decrease a load of air traffic on the Indira Gandhi international airport. Depends on the report by the Times Of India, the civil aviation secretary provided the government order on 20th October for releasing the fund for the process of land acquisition to the airport project. The chief minister Yogi Adityanath released more than ten percent of the land purchase cost based on the latest notification.

Estimated cost of Jewar Airport project:

The estimated cost to build the Jewar international airport at rupees 15000 crores to 20000 crores and they need five thousand hectares of land to build the airport. in the 1st phase of the international airport, they required more than thousand-three-hundred hectares of land to construct the Jewar airport. PTI reported the district Magistrate and Brajesh Narain Singh of the Gautam Budh district said that near thousands of hectares of the land required for the airport project. The land will be purchased from the six villages such as Banwari Baans, Parohi, Rphi, Ranhera, Dayanatpur and others.

The property owners and farmers owning the agriculture land in the NCR region that provided with their recompense share. Remaining ninety-five hectares of the land needed for the 1st phase of the international Jewar Airport Properties belonged to the Uttar Pradesh Government.

SIMP and SIA report for the affected region:

The social impact management plan and social impact assessment report are approved by the UP chief secretary on 25th September for the affected region. Uttar Pradesh secretary Anup Chandra has approved the plan in the meeting conducted in Lucknow. The social impact assessment report stated that more than five-thousand-nine-hundred families will be affected by the international airport project based on the PTI and out of this over five thousand family are a farmer while other 890 families are landless people.

Based on the district administration, over 4230 families have provided their permission for building the international airport project that amounted to seventy percent of the affected people. If the plan gets the notification then the government focus will be laid on the proposal of the rehabilitation for over two thousand families whose need to relocate their residential place. The consultant for the international airport project in Jewar, PwC India and other UP government officials on a proposal made by the Uttar Pradesh government they study the acknowledgment agreement modalities.

In the land rehabilitation process, most of the agencies in Noida are coming forward to report. Many entrepreneurs, Real Estate Company, industrialist and others are offering the healthcare as well as job facilities to the relocated farmer’s families. The Uttar Pradesh government provides the huge facilities to the families who are relating their home for the airport projects.