1500 Farmers Provide Permission For Jewar International Airport

Posted on Sep 06 2018

The Uttar Pradesh government is going to build the International airport in the Jewar. More than 1400 hectare of land required for the airport project. For the Jewar airport first phase 1264 hectare is required. The construction works will start before the general election of 2019.


Thousand five hundred farmers provided permission in this airport project on Saturday. They gave 597 hectares of land to the project. Deputy collector of Jewar said, he is continuing the land attainment process daily and a lot of the landowners are coming on the board. They clear their doubts about the project and price providing to their agricultural land by Government. Totally more than 1500 farmers are agreed to provide their land to the airport project. 1328 hectares of the agricultural land requires for the project. The land is acquired from three thousand farmers at the budget of four crores.

For the Jewar Airport project, most of the officers are working overtime to get sixty percent of permission from the farmers. When the district government facilitates the agreement taking the airport process at the SDM office in Jewar then the YEIDA receives the application in the YEIDA office in Greater Noida. The complete data is provided on every evening to appear at the total.

UP Government expended the Deadline:

The Uttar Pradesh Government required the permission from the five thousand farmers to reach the target. 31 August, the UP government has declared the deadline to get the permission of the landowners for the airport project. But now, the state government without the official notification they extended the deadlines. The district government official will continue the procedure of land purchase and then refused to statement on the problems of the land consent deadline.

4000 crore spent to purchase land for the Airport Project:

The UP government will spend rupees four crores for purchasing the land for the Jewar airport project. The YEIDA and Greater Noida authority will extend the rupees 500 crores for the airport project. The department of state civil aviation will spend more than thousand five hundred crores for the project when the Great Noida Development is extended the fund.

1440 hectares of land required for the 1st phase of the Jewar airport project. This project is expected to begin with the initial capability of fifty lakh passengers. In the future, the passenger will improve into the two to ten crores. The Uttar Pradesh government has signed the pact with the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority and Greater Noida development on 29th May to speed up the airport project finishing.

Earlier, UUP Civil Aviation minister has said the concessionaire for setting the Jewar airport project under the partnership of public and private model that will be selected through the global bidding mechanism. The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority and Nodal Company are preparing the submission document procedure for the concessionaire collection.

The Jewar airport project is expected to develop employment opportunity for more than one lakh candidate based on the technical economic feasibility report. The Uttar Pradesh government said they drop the airport project if the landowners do not accept to provide the land for the airport project. Many farmers are demanded more money for their land. The Government offered the plot and five lakh cash to every farmer. After announced this offer, many farmers accepted to project land for the project.

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