30 Percent Of Farmers Agree To Provide Land For The Jewar Airport

Posted on Sep 05 2018

The Uttar Pradesh Government is planning to construct the international airport in Jewar. Chairman of Yamuna Expressway Industrial development authority proposed the new package with the integrated township on last week. Five hundred farmers are agreed to provide land for the airport project.

The YEIDA chairman has planned to meet more than a hundred farmers to clear their queries related to the airport project. The chairman of YEIDA offered the residential plot and fund for constructing the home to every farmer. The state government is planning to purchase the thousand three hundred hectares of agricultural land for the Jewar International airport without taking the farmer permission. The rehabilitation process comes with the rupees two thousand three hundred per square meter for the land and the plot in the incorporated town to the farmers.

The State government provides one job for every family. Due to this project, more than eight thousand individuals are affected by the two thousand families of the different villages which land required to the purchase for the international airport project in Jewar. The YEIDA chairman provides five lakh rupees to every farmer to construct the new home in the township. The Uttar Pradesh government has dropped the Jewar Airport Projects if the farmers do not provide the land for the airport project in Jewar.

The YEIDA has allotted rupees eight hundred crores for the international airport in Jewar. The farmers asked rupees two thousand five hundred per square meter. The YEIDA Chairman said that if he provided Rs 2500 per sq meter then the value of the project is increased. The residential place comes with the amenities such as community center, hospital, college, school, panchayat affiliation and others. The Yamuna Expressway Industrial development authority CEO said, he also offers for the plot in the urban area to the farmers.

Reason why the airport is constructing in Jewar:

Most of the industries will benefit with the airport development in Jewar. The airport will be beneficial for the western Uttar Pradesh people who are traveling over two hundred kilometers from the Delhi airport. Most of the people are living in the popular cities in the western UP of Rajasthan. They need to travel to Delhi for at least three hours if anyone needs to travel in flight.

The Jewar airport is the perfect place for the UP people. The international airport is not only the address aviation wants of the Delhi but also other cities such as Mathura, Meerut, Agra, Bulandshahr, and others. This airport provides the economic potential and improves tourism in the UP. The Airport in Jewar can serve more than 30 international destinations and thirty-five domestic locations by 2050.

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