A new angle in the Jewar Airport venture, a textile park to be set up in the Area

Posted on Jul 31 2018

In a recent turn of events, The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority declared on Wednesday that it has decided to set up a ‘textile park’ in the suburbs of Jewar Airport area.

According the to Authority, in a meeting with Noida Apparel Export Cluster (NAEC), it had agreed to grant 200 acres of land to around 100 textile businessmen. This initiative is taken to fulfil the recent motto of UP government, One District-One Product (OD-OP), thereby giving meaning to each district with respect to the industry accomplished there. The main aim of this initiative is to give an appraisal to traditional industries in UP. Due to this initiative, The Gautam Buddha Nagar is now known for its ready-made garments.

The CEO of YEIDA, Arunveer Singh, quoted that, “The Jewar Airport Projects international airport will help in the import and and export of goods. The land will be allotted to the textile investors in a few days.” According to him, the textile park will also create a good amount of employment, nearly 5 lakh and 90% of the workers will be women! Well, that seems like a good output coming from a good initiative.

When the reporters interviewed Lalit Thukral, president of NAEC, he claimed that the Noida and Greater Noida areas are known for their textile industry. He also said, “We produce garments and the annual export is nearly Rs 14,000 crores. The domestic ready-made garment market also has an annual turnover of Rs 3,000 crores. The land in Noida and Greater Noida is costly, hence the businessmen are planning to expand their business in neighbouring areas. Jewar is an ideal option.” Well, he has hit the right perspective since land problems are there in Noida and Greater Noida areas. Nevertheless, the officials report that the textile park is expected to be ready in nearly three years.

The Yamuna Authority stayed true to its words and issued a list of 240 units for industrial land. Information regarding the venture can also be collected from their website. The industries which will gain the benefit are textiles, telecommunication, X-Ray machines, air conditioning, copper metal parts, cotton, cycle, milk testing and its products. And if that was not enough, the Authority has also decided to consider land allotment to any new proposals of new and unique type non-polluting ideas.

If we take a look at the prices, the industrial land has been priced at Rs 6,405 per square metre up to 4,000 sqm. An additional 4,000 to 8,000 sqm of land would be priced at the rate of 5,460 per square metre. If the additional extends from 8,000 to 20,000 sqm, the price will be at the rate of Rs 4,620 per square metre.

The eligibility criteria for the same is not very strict. Any individual, proprietorship firm, registered partnership firm, registered trust, registered society, private limited company, public limited company, government/semi-government undertaking/department etc are eligible. But there is one limitation over the land. The scheme can only be applied if the industrial plot has an area above 4,000 square metres only.

The allottees are expected to start the construction within six months of the acquirement of land and they will try their best to complete it within the prescribed time limit from the date of execution of lease deed. The last date of submission of the form is not out yet. But, it will be soon notified by the Authority.

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