Disagreement between U.P. government and land owners, issue being Jewar Airport Land

Posted on Jul 19 2018

With the recent developments in the Jewar Airport Land project, government has come to the conclusion that it can pay twice the circle rate of the land to nearly 3000 landowners, as per Land Acquisition Act 2013.

After a long time of indulging in a negotiation with land owners for a direct acquisition of land which generally proves to be an easier and cheaper way, it says that direct acquisition “does not seem to be possible”, which it admitted in a meeting held on July 6. The government is not swaying from its rationale that since the 1441 hectares of land is assigned for “urban/industrial township”, they are not obliged to pay more than twice the circle rate of the said land, which contradicts the demand put up by most of the villagers for a payment of for a payment of four times the circle rate as is the provision for “rural areas”, clearly stated under Land Acquisition Act 2013. The order given in March by the U.P Government stated that they would encourage a parallel process to be carried out to attempt securing the concerned land through direct acquisition with the help of negotiations, but the process has gone in dump. Now, after the July 6 meeting, the government says that since 1328 hectares of land required out of 1441 hectares, is labelled as “private land”, it is impossible to acquire it through direct acquisition. “All land has to be acquired at one rate, unless there will be litigation and, in the end, government will have to pay compensation at the maximum rate, as was noted.

The Yogi Adityanath government has also said that the contract to build the Jewar Airport Projects will only be signed after the 70% of the landowners give their consent which will be secured in writing, as per the notes jotted down during the meeting held on 6 July. The compensation will be obstructed till 70% landowners give their consent in writing. An important point it stated was, “If any one patch of is not acquired of the land identified in the master-plan of the airport, the construction cannot start as the airport is an enclosed area and no boundary walls can be put up till the entire land has been acquired. If due to any reason, the land cannot be acquired, the airport construction would not be able to commence and the balance land will be of no use.” Government is presently putting efforts to get this written consent from landowners.

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