For Jewar Farmers Benefits Noida Authorities Ask Builders to Offer Homes and Jobs

Posted on Aug 28 2018

Almost everyone knows about the mega international airport project launched by the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath. Initially, it was decided that land for airport construction would be purchased directly from the farmers without citing the land acquisition act of 2013.

This idea was to hurry up the project process and therefore work on the airport could begin soon. By the year 2023, the project first phase is expected to be ready and the second airport will be constructed at the estimated budget of 20000crore. The Jewar Airport Project is delaying because the farmer’s protest to obtain the compensation, which they expect.

In order to overcome this issue, the Noida district administration has sought assistance from the builder CREDAI (Confederation of real estate developers association of India) who is going to build the international airport at Jewar as planned by the Government. The estimated budget of the airport project is around Rs. 15000 – 20000 crores, which is expected to be operational by the year 2022 – 2023 when the work starts by October of this year.

Jewar project is beneficial for all project – District magistrate said:

This mega international airport project is expected to be beneficial for local economy and manufacturing units. Additionally, it helps the real estate sector to come back to normal and slow down the issues in sales of flats.
BN Singh (district magistrate) and Gautam Budh Nagar said, since the Jewar airport project is highly beneficial for all the sectors in the district of Uttar Pradesh, we have requested all the stakeholders and real estate companies come forward to play their role perfectly in making the airport project a reality.

In addition to, we have also requested the realtors to offer jobs to at least one person for 22000 families in the district where land will be occupied for the project. Actually, the builders accept our request and ready to help these families in getting better health care, housing, education facilities, and jobs. All these things become possible when we all work together on this project.

A meeting held with CREDIA experts and Noida authorities for farmer betterment:

Deepak Kapoor, the CREDIA president for western Uttar Pradesh unit, Suresh Garg, secretary, and the vice president of this unit, Amit Modi partook in the meeting with the Noida authorities to discuss the project present condition and things to do further for the project execution.

After attending the meeting, Garh said that district magistrate gave an idea that our company should come forward to offer social security for the farmer families. We have also accepted the proposal and ready to strengthen 2200 farmer families in several ways. It includes jobs to children of these farmer families, housing, education, and healthcare facilities for the farmers who are actually ready to render their agricultural land for this mega project. The builder body will also prepare a comprehensive project proposal and send it to the district magistrate, and wait for the approval of the Uttar Pradesh government. Kapoor said this idea would be taken to the final shape if YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) can offer us housing land on affordable prices in the name of the co-operative society of farmers.

Our company will also assist in developing the integrated township for these farmer families. We construct the township along with the hospital, schools, and other vital facilities for the farmer’s family betterment.
However, the Uttar Pradesh government needs to take a decision on them as well as farmers have to agree to our proposal. Or else, we can even provide a 25percent discount on the flats in the ready projects.

The CREDIA seek help from the government to offer jobs and homes for farmers:

The realtor of this project has also assured the district magistrate that they will train talent and eligible candidates from 22000 farmer’s families in order to bridge the skill gap. We will employ them in our company according to their respective talents. Candidates from these families can obtain jobs based on their qualification and skills. They can be masons, engineers, security guards, technicians, and so on. In addition to, we will also train them and offer jobs. We are ready to do everything but we need a confirmation message from your side as you agree to give your land for this project, Modi said.

A quick rundown of compensation for the Jewar international airport project:

In the first phase of the project, Uttar Pradesh government wants to obtain 1441 hectares of land from the eight villages. It includes Banwari Bas, Dayanatpur, Parohi, Ramner, Ranhera, Kishorpur, Mukimpur Shivara, and Rohi. Out of these villages, two villages will exclude from the land acquisition process now because land from Mukimpur Shivara and Ramner are not required for the project first phase. For this project, the Government will be going to obtain a total of 5000hectares of land.

The farmers of these villages, especially Rohi demands more than what the government announced for them. After multiple rounds of negotiation led by the YEIDA with landowners, the government made clear that the second phase of this project will be dropped when the customers unwilling to part with their land. Even though Uttar Pradesh CM has explained the benefits of this project and increased the project estimation cost, the farmers never stepped back from their point.

In fact, they are requiring three times more than the value offered for their land by the Government. Additionally, they seek basic needs such as housing, education, healthcare, and jobs to lead a secure life after offering their lands for the project.

In the discussion with the realtors, Noida authorities ask them to offer home and job for the farmers. The realtors also accept their idea and send a proposal according to their expectation to the Government. If the government approves the proposal and farmers give the land, then the realtors will start the project.

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