Government Give Compensation to the Jewar Villagers Soon

Posted on Oct 08 2018

The jewar international airport is operated very soon in the great Noida. The official makes the process of the land acquisition from the farmers. Only half of the farmers have given the land for the project. The official convinces the remaining farmers to give the land for the airport project. They give the farmers to the right compensation for the land.

Some farmers don’t agree to give the land for this project till now. They consider the future generation and other things of the property. Recently, the government of Uttar Pradesh keeps up the social impact assessment report for this project. The special secretary recently announces that the money is given to the farmers who give the land for this project very soon.

The government sends Rs. 1,500 crore in the district magistrate accounts for the purpose of giving the compensation to the farmers. The farmers get the perfect amount of money very soon in the account. The compensation is given to the land acquired from the farmers and not for others.

Seventy percent of the consent of the land owners and approval of the social impact assessment that is mandatory for the upcoming airport project. In the previous month, the district administration maintains to receive the mandatory consent from the seventy percent from the villagers. The team is willing to make the detailed presentation of the upcoming international airport project.

Solve the resettlement Issue:

The government makes the further steps to resolve all the issues in the resettlement. Totally, there are 1,334 hectares of the land is taken for the project from the farmers. This is the initial phase of the land acquisition. The resettlement and rehabilitation are concerned depending on the land acquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement act 2013.
The official has started over to take the seventy percent of the family give the consent for the land acquisition in the written format. The faculty members make the perfect report that related to the Jewar Airport Properties. The social impact assessment report was approved in the meeting that announced by registrar bachchu Singh.

The farmers get the compensation for the initial phase as quickly as possible. The government releases the fund to the farmers in their account directly. The report is approved by the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh yogi adityanath. The Uttar Pradesh aviation minister approve the social impact assessment report of the project.

The land acquisition process is completed very soon and starts the process of constructing the airport in the Noida. Now, the department makes the process of checking the land documents that provided by the farmers that said by the district magistrate. The official, SDM and tehsildar have checked the documents of the land.

They find any error present in it and rectifying the error quickly. The magistrate completes the paperwork of the land quickly and submits the perfect report of the land to the state government. The officials get the initial notification for the land acquisition and remaining process is conducted very sooner.

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