Jewar Airport to Boost Economic Activity in Greater Noida

Posted on Jun 27 2017

The residential societies that have long been locked shall soon be occupied owing to the completion of the airport since this airport project will enhance economic growth in the entire region. The proposed project

of an international airport in the Jewar region along the Yamuna Expressway spread across 165km might result in the growth of economic activity and even the population in the Greater Noida region.

Greater Noida is called the ‘ghost city’ by many individuals because of its unoccupied residential housing projects. The residential societies in this region have long been locked and are being expected to get occupied with the completion of the Jewar Airport since the project is said to boost economic growth in the entire region.

Greater Noida came into being in the form of a fully planned industrial city in the year 1922. The town was established on an agricultural land spread across 40, 000 hectares which were double the Noida region in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, industrial development in Greater Noida was never able to thrive because of which the authority allocated approximately 50% land for the development of residential societies. This defeated the initial objective of building an industrial city. According to the estimate of the authority in Greater Noida, the entire consists of an urban human population of only 2 lakh despite being established 25 years ago.

“Greater Noida started being referred to as the Ghost City mainly due to the fact that it completely failed to establish itself in the form of an industrial city. However, at present, the international air port assignment at Jewar will likely offer the much-required boost with MNCs, hotel chains, industries and other big corporations making huge investments in this city. I feel that, within a time span of five to six years, Greater Noida will become one of the most singled-out cities,” former chairman of Indian Industrial Association, NK Kharbanda said.

The authority in Greater Noida also has plans for industrialists to make some good money through the international airport assignment.
“I am looking forward to getting the services of a private company for carrying out a survey so that it can help us in reaping the best benefits from the airport project. The private company can help us in coming up with new industrial plans for luring investors to this city and boosting economic activity,” said the chief executive officer of Greater Noida authority, Mr. Debasish Panda.

He is high hopes of luring international investors post the completion of the airport project.
“The International Jewar Airport project at Jewar will no doubt be of great benefit for the development of Greater Noida. Businesses dealing in high-value items like diamonds and jewelry will look forward to making their investments in this area since they will have the advantage of enjoying air services now. We will try and engage with different varieties of investors because we have much to provide them at present,” Panda said.

Greater Noida Authority also has plans of repackaging the institutional and industrial plot plans. “I am looking forward to taking the assistance of a private company that possesses the ability to survey institutional and industrial designs. I am also bent at bringing in all new schemes for luring investors. We have come up with the objective of using the international airport project at Jewar for fueling economic activity,” said Panda.

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