Jewar Airport Projects Boost Real Estate Sector in Noida

Posted on Jun 13 2016

Appropriate transportation and accessibility in a city helps it growth in all avenues. The coming Jewar Aiport in Greater Noida will enhance the city’s growth in the long run. This project is also expected to help to corporate sector prosper in the

city. Even though Greater Noida and Gurgaon are at an equal distance from Delhi, travelling time to both cities differ by a huge margin. One can easily travel to Gurgaon from New Delhi in about 35 minutes.

On the other hand, travelling to Noida from the capital takes almost one and a half hours. This is one of the major factors that contribute to multinational and domestic companies choosing Gurgaon to open offices. Although property prices in Noida are comparatively lesser than that of Gurgaon, you will seldom search any major companies with their offices in the city. The demand for office area in Gurgaon is so high that it has almost reached a point of saturation.

People find it suitable to stay in Gurgaon, due to the numbers of companies in the city and trouble-free accessibility to New Delhi. Noida’s cheap property prices have prompted different developers to build commercial and residential properties in Noida. However, it failed to attractattention of large and small scale companies. This new airport project in Jewar expected to attract these companies, increase job opportunities in Greater Noida, and improve state’s economy.

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