Jewar Airport tender propel in November asked by UP government

Posted on Sep 28 2018

On November Jewar international airport tender will be made which is revealed by the CEO of the nodal agency. Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) Arunvir Singh reported that the Jewar international airport plan has been getting started and the process will meet the contract as such to a concessionaire. Also, the company will meet the process and operation as like GMR.

Besides the authority reveals this projects will get finish by January 2019. Alongside one of the senior official provide the statement district administration will look for the completion of the land acquisition. In case if the UP government strictly followed this schedule then the first portion of the Jewar international airport will have two runways and more or less which gets finished between the years of 2022 to 2023.

The current plan of the tender is proposed by the state government by consulting with the Price water house Coopers. This international Jewar Airport Properties requires for 3,400 acres land that’s why the UP state government is looking for the process of preparing the notification regarding this by means of delivering Section 11 for the land acquisition law.

By the starting of this month around 70% of the consent, the threshold has been received from the farmers which are revealed by the officials of the project who involved. Since only when proper land acquisition the project doesn’t get any recognition and no more process will be done. Also, some source said that the information regarding this Jewar international airport project will be provided by the very first week of October month.

Alongside BN Singh District magistrate deliver the statement that the process of data collection gets started regarding the notification. But moreover, the last date for the submission of the data collection is not still mentioned.

When the villagers and farmers did not make any sense like go against the land acquisition then the completion of the land acquisition will be done within 2 months even by the time notification gets completed. Farmers who are affected by this will get job opportunities revealed by UP government and some industrialists are also promised regarding that. Alongside per square meter of land 2,300 rupees will be offered besides rupees 5.85 lakhs will be issued as compensation for the land.

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