Private Companies From The UK Now Invest Near Jewar Airport Site

Posted on Aug 20 2017

NOIDA: These days’ lots of investors are interested in putting their money along the Yamuna Expressway, near the proposed Noida international airport in Jewar.m A lot of private companies from the UK

dealing with infrastructure, planning, city master plans and consulting services are discover chances near the airport project along the Yamuna Expressway. This entire plan is the starting phase of development.

Let’s see how things move forward. Those company who are interested in this plan deal in international business. Some of them are even experts in airport projects, said Mukul Verma, senior trade and investment adviser, British High Commission.

Meeting Between company chief executive officer and British High Commission members

To progress this plan a team of two member from the trade and investment wing of the British High Commission visited to in New Delhi on Thursday and met with Mr. ArunVir Singh, chief executive officer of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) and discussed investment opportunities.

Some important point of this meeting is

  • One of the representatives of the commission set Thursday’s meeting with the higher level officials of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority.
  • The British High Commission’s trade and investment division also wants to deal in conducting and preparing a project report.
  • The Union civil aviation ministry had on June 24 this given its approval to build an international airport at Jewar.
  • Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority wants to prepare a technical report so that they can properly handle the project. For this the authority is looking for a private consultant who can properly handle the project.

In this regards Mr. Singh, chief executive officer of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, said “Trade and investment wing is the UK government’s agency that works for development projects. They want to apply for the project. I advised them to submit proposals when we call for expression of interest. We want to select an agency and if the committee finds this to be fit, it can work with us on the project.

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority also assists the investors in the UK to carry out work properly. For this that invest around 5,000 crore and buy a big land near the Noida international Jewar Airport . It is expected that the investors’ will visit the Yamuna Expressway during next month. Mr. Singh expect that their investment will create jobs in this area

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