Starting The New Airport Project in Jewar,Uttar Pradesh

Posted on May 16 2017

Projects have been called on by many political parties in India. But after the tenure is over it has been found that the files remains under the dust of the table. But in the recent day there have been a change in the political scenario.
After the great victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Uttar Pradesh it has been found that many projects have been taking place in this land.
In the year 2016 Rajnath Singh has announced an airport site in the province of Jewar. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath today has called for the survey of the Jewar Airport Projects that has been called by Singh in 2016.
The leading Political party of Uttar Pradesh is always on the look for making the city beautiful and attractive. This has been made by this political party in order to get the land the first of the International Airport. But for making the airport a survey has to be made. This survey will report the Civil Aviation ministry of the Union Government regarding the land and the things that they get from the survey. The Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) has been provided with the duty of survey the land.
According to the new rules of the Civil Aviation ministry of the Union Government a survey report of the Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) has been mandatory. This report will help in making the decision whether the land and the area is suitable for the airport or not. From runway to corners all are made into detailing in the survey. An official of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has told in an interview that the survey work is on the process and within a few days all the reports will be provided to the Union Ministry.
The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has been making all the necessary steps required to get the job done at the earliest. According to a source it has been claimed that there are chances of foreign investment in this land. If the foreign investors are satisfied with the way the model has been described then it will help the state in reaching the forefront position that it wants to be. All the ministers and the officials of the state have been instructed to get into the project and must coordinate with the Union Ministers to get the project done at the earliest possible.
The entire survey programme will be made with the best of the electronic devices. These devices are used in determining the landscape of the place where the proposed airport is going to be made. All the things that are required in getting the approval of the land will be directly produced to the Civil Aviation Ministry. It will help in making the work easier than before. After the survey is done, according to the rules a file is also going to be presented to the Department within a month. If the aviation ministry gives the nod then the YEIDA will start working on the project at the earliest.

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