The government may give in a clause for bypass farmers at Jewar Airport

Posted on Aug 24 2018

The government officials of the state are contemplating the imposition of the stringent clause which envisages the land acquisition without any consent of landowners. It is because the section of farmers is staging a protest against their land acquisition for the ambitious project named Jewar airport.

The department of civil aviation look for the permission from the department of law for imposing the section of Land Acquisition as well as Compensation Act-2013 told that “ the consent of the farmers are required for the public sector project of a particular government for its individual control,  use and hold.”

During the meeting, the official can discuss the decision for imposing the Section of the Land Acquisition Act 2013 in the Jewar airport. This meeting is actually held between the agriculture department, YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) and civil aviation department on the date 6th August. Based on the conversation at the meeting, the officials of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, during the power point presentation told that “this facility exactly comes under that transportation category as well as hence it is free from some clause of acquiring consent.”  The land consolidation department officials also agreed with this view of the officials of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority.

It is also decided that this area will be grabbed by the civil aviation department as well as the land ownership will be completely vested in the government of the state for the construction of airport by the developers only for the public purpose. The officials of the department have discussed this project and also the land acquisition process during the meeting. The meeting is conducted successfully in discussing all aspects of the new Jewar Airport Project.

The agricultural land acquisition for an upcoming Jewar airport project in Greater Noida region will be a challenging job for the government of Uttar Pradesh unless the owners of the land are provided handsome compensation.

The government of Uttar Pradesh, for expediting the acquisition of agricultural land for the jewar airport project, has now decided to purchase the land directly from the landlords rather than getting it by putting the Land Acquisition Act, 2013.

The YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) is a nodal firm for this airport project, as well as Gautam Budh Nagar district administration. It will get the area on the behalf of Uttar Pradesh government.  It has provided landowners the current market price of about Rs 1,895 per square meter for purchasing the area of the upcoming project.

On Monday, the union civil aviation ministry directed YEIDA for completing the formalities about the land acquisition quickly so that the construction job is stated by the month of October 2018.

The administration officials of this district have previously begun the land acquiring process. In the initial phase, it will get roughly about 1,400 hectares of land from 8 villages. It includes Banwariwaas, Ramner, Parohi, Rohi, Dayanatpur, Mukim Sivara, Kishorepur, and Runhera. There are totally five thousand hectares of land required for this upcoming airport and the land from thirty-nine villages is acquired for the purpose.

The district administration officials, though, told that they are possibly to face some problems while directly dealing with the landowners as after this new airport project was actually announced, the land prices in this neighbouring areas has increased more. The officials told that the farmers of this area now want lots of compensation amounts.

“We are very happy to offer our land for this airport project because it will give both prosperity and development in this area. But our people demand the rate of about Rs 5,000 per square metre that is applicable in Noida. And we are not pleased with this proposed Rs 1,895 per square metre amount at all,” told Thakur Daryav Singh, who owns 45 bigha land earmarked for this Jewar Airport project in the Ruhi village.

The market price for 1 bigh of land was about Rs 4-5 lakh in the villages before this airport was approved by this Centre. But currently, property agents and businessman are providing the amount of about Rs 20-25 lakh per bigha to the farmers because they feel the state government will provide a higher amount.

“Why the landowners bring their agricultural land for about Rs 15 lakh per bigha while property agents and businessman are providing the amount rate of Rs 20-25 lakh for only one bigha. The state government should also increase the amount if they actually want smooth acquisition as well as never want to face the agitation,’ told by Singh who is possible to make minimum Rs 6.7 crore at the state government rate of about Rs 1895 per square metre.

Though, if the state government provides Rs 5,000 per every square metre, then the family will acquire up to Rs 19 crore. The officials said that the government of Uttar Pradesh is possible to increase the rate of land because the government wants to complete this acquisition process soon. The administration will conduct the public hearings in 5 villages from exactly where over 20% of agricultural land is acquired for this airport project.

“The landowners want to five their land with no protesting as with the cash they acquire, they can purchase more property at very affordable rates in remaining regions in this state as well as bring new businesses,” told by Prakash Fauji, who is a farmer leader of the Choroli village.

Land acquired never be sold in upcoming days

It is done following the SIA (social impact assessment) as per the notification on the date 11th January 2018, the minutes of this meeting told. The SIA team is actually proposed to be completed by a professional group. And this report is ratified by the government of this state. After this SIA team, there is a preliminary notification under this section 11 is invoked.

Additionally, it is decided that this land acquired for this project will not be sold to the private entity and also stay in full control of this state government or undertaking/authority/agency duly approved by the government of this state.

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