The Jewar Mega Project is Constructed Very Soon

Posted on Sep 12 2018

Jewar airport is the upcoming international project that constructed in Greater Noida. The project becomes very close to the reality. Now, the farmers are slowly agreeing to offer the land for the airport project. This is the mega project that will operate very soon.

The civil ministry got the initial approval of the jewar international Jewar Airport Projects. There are different regions from the farmers to reliably give the land for the mega project. The farmers get the compensation of the project that provided by the Uttar Pradesh government. But some of the farmers don’t able to give the land still now. The government comprises them to get the land for the project. Over 2,335 farmers from the different region have given the consent of the 916 hectares of the land. It is considered as the proposed Greenfield airport project. Totally, there are seventy five percent of the land is acquired for the project for the initial phase.

The officers of the Yamuna expressway industrial development authority said that the certain things present in the airport project. The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh offers the principle approval of the airport project in the national capital region. This is the second largest airport project that constructed in the region.

The present government shows that the proposal of the project is submitted in the year 2002. The pending year is totally 15. The decade of the waiting period of the project is concerned based on the united progressive alliance rule. The center as well as the state government pampered with the political.

Try to convince the Farmers:

Finally, the officials are moving while the MP from Gautam Buddha Nagar, Mahesh Sharma. The airport project attains the best status when the chief minister to taking over the project. There are 1334 hectares of the land is acquired for the initial phase of the project. Over the 116 hectares of land is the government land.

The remaining land is taken by the farmers for the project. The local officials are very hard to convince the farmers of the land. The government helps them to understand the importance of the international project. The government finally achieves the task of taking the consent of the land for the project.

The government takes the seventy percent of the land. The government gets the confirmation from the 2335 farmers for the hectares of the land. The first phase acquires the seventy five percent of the land. They assure there is no hidden thing behind in the project development race that said by Dhirendra Singh.

The farmers don’t able to give the land because of concerning the future generation. This one is considered as the method for improving the destiny of the farmers and villagers as well in the region. The government already informs that the August 31 is the final deadline for getting the consent of the land from the farmers. But now, the deadline was revised in the month of September 6. The government gets the sixty seven percent of the land for the project till Friday. The district administration requests for more time to get the remaining consent of the land.

Administration gets the Remaining Land:

The district administration tries to get the land as soon as possible from the villagers. The government provides the Rs. 2300 per square feet to the farmers who give the land. On the other hand, they provide the government to one of the members of each and every family at the proposed international airport project. They help the farmers to double the value of the plot and make the construction.

The government starts to acquire the land in the month of May in this year said by the district administration. There are also some difficulties present in getting the land from the landlords and farmers. They follow the rules and regulation to acquire the land from the farmers. They provide the compensation that demanded by the villagers. The project acquires the 3000 hectares of the land. They keep up the exact cost of the project is Rs. 15754 crore in the different phase. The construction can be done based on the different factors and then start the project.

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