Uttar Pradesh Encourages Investments in Defence, Aerospace Sector

Posted on Dec 26 2017

The government of Uttar Pradesh invited to companies to spend in the defence and aerospace sectors that are key to the industrial development. Yogi Adityanath, who is a chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, said that “we look for investments in both the defence and aerospace sector as the key thrust regions for the industrial growth in this state. The civil aviation policy of our state also brings better emphasis on growing aerospace industry.”

Speaking at the CII affair ‘summit of Uttar Pradesh investors’ Mumbai roadshow, Yogi Adityanath said that the government has newly received permission from a center to launch the international airport at the Jewar Airport Projects region which is close to Greater Noida. It helps to offer better connectivity to this state.
He assured that Uttar Pradesh will follow a nil tolerance policy towards the crime that will support huge investments.

The government of Uttar Pradesh is also seeking at cheering private sector contribution to develop many new airports. In addition to the dry cargo facility, the aircraft maintenance plants will be encouraged as well.The state provides many benefits like infrastructure for Amritsar-Kolkata and Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridors, said by the official of UP government.

Adityanath met a mass of industrialists and bankers in a run-up to the summit of UP investors to be actually held in the Lucknow region on the dated 21-22 February next year. The CM said that “UP holds huge potential for the industrial growth as well as my government is also making every possible effort for fostering balanced, inclusive and sustainable growth. We are effective working for promoting the ease of performing business for developing a business-friendly atmosphere in our state.”

“In before, Uttar Pradesh was not actually considered as a favorite investment destination for the industrialists as remote as law and order was also concerned. Currently, the government has nil tolerance for the crime as well as for individuals who are securing criminals,” Uttar Pradesh Minister of the industrial growth Satish Mahana told. To boost the development and investment chances in UP, the government of Uttar Pradesh had in the month of July approved Employment and Industrial Investment Policy, 2017.

This new policy is intended at facilitating effortlessness of running a business besides the employment generation as well as launching a new ‘Make in UP’ department for deriving the utmost advantages of the Make in an India scheme. He told the newly introduced policy is a roadmap not simply for industrial growth but for overall living standard also, a creation of employment opportunities and exploring the new avenues with considerable policy framework.

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