Uttar Pradesh Government Approved International Airport In Jewar

Posted on Sep 27 2018

The UP government decided to build the airport in the Jewar. On Tuesday, the UP government approved the report of SIA which provide the complete details of the land identified for the airport development at the Jewar. Uttar Pradesh chief Secretary conducted the meeting with the international airport members.

The international airport is development along 165km the expressway of Yamuna. The Yamuna Expressway is connected the Noida with the Agra. In Lucknow, the Jewar Airport project meeting was conducted that the project consultant and PWD India provided the presentation about the project to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary.

First, the Uttar Pradesh government approved the SIA report and then provided the notification to the make the unique way for the acquisition of the agricultural land. The organization formed by the government of UP to build the international airport project in Jewar. The main aim of constructing this airport is to provide the affordable flying to the people.

Uttar Pradesh government approved for Jewar Airport :

The state government gives the concession agreement draft within the few days. If the agreement is completed that the state government provides the advertisement related to the agreement for choosing the developers. The Uttar Pradesh government provided the permission for the Noida International Airport Limited for this airport project. They work as a supervisor the international airport development in Jewar.

Now the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority is the nodal agency of the Jewar international airport. If the state government provides the advertisement then the Noida International Airport Limited supervise the airport development in the Jewar. The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, Noida authority as well as Noida authority have the venture in the International Airport Limited for the international airport project.

Location of Jewar:

The international airport is going to build in the Jewar. The Nagar panchayat of the Jewar under the district of the Gautam Budh Nagar, the Jewar was the Bulandshahr district earlier part in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Jewar has more than 32,000 populations to see the complete scale development of the Jewar. The UP government provides the maximum price to the landowner and residential plots. The UP government gets approval for the Jewar airport development.

Investment and budget of Jewar Airport:

The airport project was acquiring more than 1400 hectares of the land. The UP government purchase the land from the eight villages for the airport projects such as ohi, Dayanatpur, Banwaribas, Mukimpur Shivara, Parohi, Ramner, Ranhera, Kishorpur, and others. The UP Government spends more money on the Jewar airport. The real estate builders have invested a high amount for the international airport around the Jewar. Most of the organizations in the United States have interested in this airport project. They provide interest in making the repair, overhaul center and maintenance at the international Airport in Jewar.

Reason to build an airport in Jewar:

There are lots of the reasons for building the airport in Jewar such as affordable traveling, a job for various candidates and others. Most of the industries will benefit from the international airport development in Jewar. The airport development will be beneficial for the western Uttar Pradesh people. Uttar Pradesh Civil Aviation Minister said the UP people need to travel over two hundred km for Lucknow and Delhi International airports to travel in flight.

The people who are living in the western Uttar Pradesh cities and Rajasthan cities need to travel at least three hours to Delhi if they need to travel in flight. The Jewar International airport helps these Rajasthan and other cities people to travel in flight easily. The upcoming airport not only addresses the Delhi aviation requirements but also other popular cities such as Mathura, Meerut, Bulandshahr, Agra, and others.

The ministry of Union civil aviation expects the international airport in jewar provide the tourism, economic potential and others of the region. The company has prepared the report of technology economic possibility for the airport project. The international airport is estimated to handle more than fifteen crores of the passengers by 2050. This airport can serve over 30 international location and 30 domestic locations by 2050.

Quickly notification will Declare:

In the first phase of the airport project, the UP government will acquire more than 1,200 hectares for this airport project from the six villages. Earlier, the airport plan was acquired over 1,400 hectares for this project from the eight villages. After the completing of the formalities, the Uttar Pradesh Government Issue the notification for the airport land acquisition.

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