YEIDA Conducted Meeting with Villagers about land Acquisition for Airport Project

Posted on Jul 05 2018

YEIDA–Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has decided to organize a meeting with the villagers. The major reason for this meeting is to talk to villagers about their land which is identified for the future jewar airport from July 16 for about a week.

It is also noted that the committee was also formed to consider the villagers object to this Jewar Airport Project. Whether it is comfortable for them or not or whether they are not interested in that, or somebody is brainwashing them about them about this project. The committee member’s responsibilities are to hear all those from the villagers and then clear all their doubts and make them feel really happy to take on this project on their land. These reports are then submitted to the government of Uttar Pradesh.

Around 5000 hectares have been allocated for the airport project from the state government. From the initial schedule there are totally around 1200 hectares have been needed for the airport project and the government decided to take it from the 8 villages. The 8 villages are Ramner (6.01 H), Mukeempur Shivara (58.79 Ha), Parohi (134.19 Ha), Dayanatpur (389.64 Ha), Banwariwas (6.67 Ha), Ranehra (100.59 Ha), Rohi (481.53 Ha) and Kishorpur (150.53 Ha). The process of acquirement will be done within 4 stages.

Arun Vir Singh, the CEO of YEIDA – Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority have informed about the committee meeting between the villagers and meeting will take place in each and every village. He also confirms the date of July 16 will be the first meeting and it will start from Ramner village in an effective manner. In general, the appointed committee members are those who are very talented and very responsive. It is mainly because only a responsive expert can able to handle a villager and can able to explain them clearly about this project and will teach them about the benefits they get through it.

At the time of the meeting, the experts will chat with the local people and then clearly inform villagers about the projects which are developing, their rehabilitation and land acquisition. After getting the permission of the landowners, the committee team will prepare a detailed report about this process for getting the approval from the government. This all things are said by the CEO of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority and he officially announced it.

There are some sources, which are insisting that the time when the committee going to meet with the farmers, there may be some objections will occur based on the compensation to be awarded. The committee has calculated the compensation amount based on considering those areas as urban, but those villagers admitting that their areas come under rural. One may think, what will cause this issue, but there is really a major issue involved in it.

In general, if a land present in rural areas and it has been acquired means it should be compensated more than urban areas. Based on the land acquisition act, 2013, the amount of compensation going to be done from land acquired in rural areas will be the four times that of the circle rate. Whereas, the amount of compensation going to be done from land acquired in urban areas will be the two times that of the circle rate.

The farmers have been strictly told the committee that, they will handle their land to them only when they have been compensated with the four time the circle rate. Gaurav Kumar – a resident of kishorpur village (his land also required for this airport project) have demanded along with the other farmers that, they must require job immediately once they were transported from their village.

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